the life of a runner

A blog for those who understand that running is not only a pastime, but a lifestyle and an obsession.

I will be on a brief hiatus from blogging as I am finally going on vacation (the first time since I was in fifth grade).  I am going up to Maine to visit my boyfriend’s family.  Of course, I will be running up there since I move in to college for pre-season cross country the 25th and that is incredibly soon.  It’s going to be interesting running in an unfamiliar place without a team or anything, but his mother said there is also a gym at the hotel in which we are staying, so if worst comes to worst I will be a treadmill hog and log all my miles with it.  Should be interesting…

Anyway, today I did a Fartlek workout, which really wasn’t bad.  I love this kind of weather after it’s been extremely hot, because it’s nice 80 degree weather.  Today was such a good day aside from a  teensy little cramp I got, but it’s better than getting dizzy, so I am happy with today.